Bitcoin Miner Technology

Bitcoin Miner Review | Bitcoin Miner Technology

bitcoin-asicSo you’ve read the guides and now you are looking for Bitcoin mining hardware for your Bitcoin adventure. Bitcoin mining is a business and very competitive one for some. For the rest of us Bitcoin mining only makes sense if you plan to do it for fun and thus don’t care if you make a profit. However, if you can mine very efficiently making a profit is possible. Continue reading

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BitCoin Miner Hardware

bitcoin-fpgaThere’s lots of hardware to choose from, ranging from small USB miners to full blades requiring additional power supplies.




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Bitcoin Digital Currency Explained

bitcoin-beginnerDid you know that the Bitcoin currency  gained 1,000% in value earlier this year? What is it that makes this virtual currency so  special? Should you join this increasingly popular payment system?

What’s a Bitcoin?

The idea for Bitcoin currency came from a developer named Satoshi Nakamoto. The real-world identity of Satoshi is still unknown. Continue reading

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